Friday, 27 July 2007

War Zone Blogs

There are some amazing blogs out there from the troubled areas of the world. You can really get another perspective from what you read on the news. I will let you do the reading:

Palestine vs Israel: Any Hope with the new Palestinian Government ?

Israel Matzav: Glick calls for action From Iraq

Poker Section

The poker section is getting very full now, I will not be adding any more unless they are really good. Most are personal blogs about learning to play, and interesting stories.
Several are by full time pro players.

Education section

I have updated the education section with several useful blogs with various resources for teachers and parents. There are loads of links to worksheets, interactive learning resources, videos and lectures etc.
I have tried to list the UK Keystages, KS1, KS2 etc. Please comment if I can add more.

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Welcome to the new blogspot directory

I wanted to start a simple directory that only has handpicked blogspot blogs.

This directory will only list good quality blogs that are updated at regular intervals. Stale blogs with no posts for four months will be removed from the list.

If you notice your blog on the list, please link back to us.

If your blog is not listed, please link to us, leave a comment and suggest a category and I will add you to the directory.

If the blog has not been updated in 2007 it will not go on the list

Blogs with pop-ups are not listed.
Only English language blogs are listed.
No porn, no racism, nothing that would be broadly offensive.