Sunday, 3 July 2011

Bondage Blogs on Blogspot  how to tie bondage knots. - The Lady Commands, a peek into the world of a lifestyle dominant, updated regularly, top quality blog. - images and thoughts from a feminine bisexual submissive. - not updated since 2007 - a guy, former missionary and one time yuppie turned bondage rope maker and sex worker on his quest to change the world, one bedroom at a time. -  good reading, musing of a bondage rope sellor. Not updates since 2008. -  large collection of very beautiful pictures. -  Gay bondage - Gay bondage -  Gay bondage  hard to describe !!!  nice blog with a great graphic at the top.  bound men art - male interested in bondage in jackets and sleeping bags.

Thanks for the comment, now added the following: - good images, please read the comment below from the website owner