Sunday, 25 April 2010

Adding a few new blogs- thanks for the comments

This one makes particularly good reading about the daily happenings of a phychiatric unit.

Several blogs can fit into different categories, please send me a message if you would like me to change your category.


Brenda said...

I would love to submit my blog for consideration. I write a plus size fashion lingerie blog. Plus Size Underwear Wisdom.
I post information, fashion tips, fun stories and helpful hints for full figured women. I want to help women look and feel great from the inside out.

Jake Riley said...

Very cool stuff, enjoy being able to peruse other blogs.

I just recently started one up myself; , It is a little film/technology news blog. I would be ecstatic if you added it to the directory!

Rich said...


Thanks for the comments, I added you.

Zaman Khan said...


please add my blog about funny videos and stupid videos on your blog.

Dafthermit said...

i would love to have my wee blog

Living a simple green life added

peace and light from the wee tin can in the highlands

Mark Warner said...

Hi, well done for this directory. Really useful. Could I please submit my blog for your consideration?

I am a filmmaker, photographer and creative and the blog concerns my professional fields and maybe a little of my interests as time goes by. i just started it but have tried to get some content up from the start.

Keep it up.

The Chairman of the Board said...

I like this site because it allows me to look at other high quality blogs. I'd like to submit my Chicago Sports Blog. I think most sports fans from Chicago would enjoy reading some of my posts.

Weave Dreamer said...

Hi. Love your directory!

I've just begun an astral travelogue on blogspot (i.e. a dream journal) which is packed with bizarre, vivid, lucid dreams, with much more material to come. Would love to be included in your directory.



dennis hodgson said...

I would like to submit my blog for possible listing in your directory:

The View from Fanling.

Difficult to select one category, but I write political and social commentary, observations on the way people use language, stories about life in Hong Kong from the perspective of a long-time English resident, and observations about Chinese culture. I include some original photography to accompany the text.

temptress said...

I am wondering where I fit... is there simular blogs out there?

pisces said...

just starting my blog; Pls add it in the directory.

Toien said...

I cannot find my own blog to view as a different person when I type it in on google. Here is my blog it's new and I'm a new blogger