Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Welcome to my official blog, I will be posting blogs from time to time. I hope to encourage, inspire and help you to be creative in the gifts God has entrusted you with so you can begin walking in purpose. I look forward to any feedback you may have and I'm exciting about our blogging journey. Thank you, Bertha


Free christain worksheets to download for kids.
Printables for preschool

There does not appear to much on the Bible or Christmas but there are some colouring pages


The rantings and musings of an EMT, father of three, fundamental evangelical Christian, and student of life, the Bible, & the Constitution. Pour yourself a nice Scotch on the rocks, have a cigar, and pull up a comfy chair by the fireplace. It looks like we're in for a long, rough night..

Study Tools, Resources, Bible Studies, Homeschool, New/Non Believers, Kids, Teens

Connecting Christian Readers with Good Storytellers

One Christian woman's perspective about Life, Relationships, Christian Living and God. A safe place to share and express your thoughts about spirituality and life.


Bertha F Barrett said...

http://berthafbarrett.blogspot.com/ Christian Recording Artist, Speaker and Author

Anonymous said...

No quite blogspot but I would appreciate if you were to add this https://upperroomchurch.wordpress.com

We are a church in Welling in Kent in the UK, and we are hoping to spread the word of our ministry online. Thank you very much for your support

Anonymous said...

Although not blogspot, my uncle would appreciate if you added his blog for other readers. We are a church in Welling, Kent and we are hoping to spread the word of our ministry. Thanks very much https://upperroomchurch.wordpress.com/