Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Hilarious comments, very good writing.

Check out the

Quote below:
a. The “we did not come together, my wife is actually on my right” scenario

I love this scenario, especially when the woman is attractive, because you can usually see the man contemplate, even if just for a split second, if he should just kiss her and suffer the consequences later. You can read the thoughts in his head in that quick moment about how he could justify it to his wife on the car ride home. Honey, it’s the kiss cam. You have to do it, otherwise the whole crowd will boo you. You wouldn’t want that would you? Usually this scenario ends with the wife either slapping the guy in the chest because she sees what we all see or she grabs her husband, claims her territory, and kisses him herself. Either way, the crowd gets a kick out it and the kiss cam serves its purpose.


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temptress said...

Very nice. Well done!

temptress said...

Very nice. Well done!