Sunday, 28 November 2010

New Blogs added

Hi all,

Thanks for the continued interest and comments, I will update this monthly. I am just posting these links here, I will expand this later tonight.

The perfecto college
Difficult to select one category, but I write political and social commentary, observations on the way people use language, stories about life in Hong Kong from the perspective of a long-time English resident, and observations about Chinese culture. I include some original photography to accompany the text.


Michael Sanchez said...

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Thank you!

-Michael Sanchez

Andre Audette said...

Nice job! I would be grateful if you would be interested in adding my blog! Thank you!

Chelsea said...

Please include
It is a run-down of activity heard over the police radios in Lawrence, kansas

admin said...

Hi! I have a blog about the NHL All Star Game 2011 and I would be glad if you would include my blog in your listings!
Mikelis Berzins


New here so being able to notice blogspots like this because they are easier to follow is greatly appreciated adn adding mine as well

John van der Munnik said...

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John van der Munnik

Fran said...

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Cherie said...

thank you for adding my blog here.
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Carissa said...

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javier said...

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